In the final analysis, there is no ‘because’. What remains is the fact and the fact alone.

We don’t say Alexander won great battles ‘because’ he had a great army or any other reason. We just say Alexander won great battles.

We don’t say Einstein was a great scientist and philosopher because of his circumstances. He was a great scientist and a thinker and that’s that.

We don’t say Hitler lost all that he won because he encountered Russia in winter or other reasons. He lost and that was it.

At the end of it all, there is no because – it’s just the fact alone.

Similarly, if I feel unloved and unaccepted, I cannot say ‘because’ of difficult childhood, my parents or whatever… the fact remains that I feel unloved, unaccepted and alone.

Similarly if I feel great fear of madness or poverty, I cannot say I fear it because of something. I fear and that’s that.

The moment I remove ‘because’, I am brought directly in contact with the fact. And once in contact with the fact, I will have to act from there. I become directly responsible – not for the past, but for the future. I become responsible – not for the how the fact came about to be – but for the continuing state of affairs. And perforce have to act to change it. And thus, there are great many chances that things will improve for me.

Whereas if I live with the ‘becauses’ I could get lost in trying to deal with them, that are in the past and that are things which almost always I cannot change. And I make something else responsible for my plight and hence I feel no urge to take action to change. It is almost a certainty that the state of affairs will continue as they are and I will only continue to complain.

So, here’s to the elimination of ‘because’ from my life!
Here’s to the acceptance of a fact or emotion.
Here’s to “Forward March” !


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