Lying fallow

There is a practice, in agriculture, where the farmers leave their fields ‘fallow’ or uncultivated for a season or two. This helps in the rejuvenation of land, allows for rain and snow to seep into the groud making it moist, allows the land to rest and regain its strength.

Among the animals, they hibernate – again a period of time of rest that allows one to collect one’s strength and conserve energy for the next production cycle.

It is a good practice for the soul too.

We need to lie fallow, not be producing all the time, a time to be silent, within oneself, resting and rejuvenating. We need to be in retreat too.

I have been in retreat for a few months now. Been silent, resting, thinking, digesting the various events in life until now, learning new lessons from the introspection. The rest is doing my soul good, my body good, my mind good and my heart good. I have slowed down to a standstill, don’t think too much but let the thoughts float by, paint, draw, read, or just sleep. Meditate.

In the beginning of lying fallow, I used to get anxious, feeling guilty for not being in action, not doing what needs to be done. I used to feel panicky thinking about the hundred small things that need to be attended to. I could not be still or silent … always wanting to move. Lying fallow seemed wasteful, unproductive.

It has taken 2 months for me to agree to be in retreat – and this acceptance of ok I will be fallow and allow for nature to permeate into me to quieten an agitated heart, silence the ever-whirling mind.

It is good to be fallow.


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