Old Pictures

Old family photos are mystical creatures. They have a magic of their own.
Yesterday I was looking through old family albums, and I spent a good couple of hours lost in another time, in another space.

Old pictures – black and white, sepia, cracked or curled at the edges, faded or maybe spotted with age … bring back a past which can never be lived through again. In this day of highly stylized and multi-coloured visuals which can be manipulated every which way, these black-n-whites have a charm of their own.

Its fascinating to see that tyrannical uncle in his wedding clothes, uncomfortable, a little sheepish and going through the grind. The uncle is no more scary :). Its wonderful to see Mom, this lady who is so graceful in her ‘kanjied’ sarees, whose wrinkled hands still apply oil on my hair – its wonderful to see this lady at 17 – an old-world heroine lookalike. Or Dad, now gone, but in his youth a completely different man from what I have known him to be. And the husband ? Is this the guy ??
These pictures give glimpses of those people who lived at that time, in their circumstances. Another lifetime, another world.

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