Life is like a Train journey

Life is like a train journey … it has a beginning, it has an end. It has varying rhythms – sometimes it slows down and sometimes it speeds up. At times it is frustrating, at other it is entertaining. It goes on … in sunshine, in rain, in fog, in storm.

People in our lives are like the travellers in the train. They come, they go. Some come for short trips – they are with us for a few stations and they get off – never to be seen again. While there are some who stay on the whole journey. With some you strike up conversations, share food, share experiences – laugh, joke and play. While some prefer to be by themselves reading a book or just gazing out side. Some come and fight, for no reason, sometimes for some reason, generating a lot of transcient emotions. With some you become quite close, develop intimacy and then they are gone ….

There are unwritten codes of behaviour in the train – same as in Life. How one shares the seat, how much can one hog space, how much can one push another or step on toes, how much can we ‘disturb’ another with what we entertain ourselves with. Usually people tolerate and ignore what is irritating. Some, depending on their state of mind, might erupt momentarily and express their irritation. Others will look on, ignore or might jump into the fray.

Yes, Life is like a train journey – and we need to treat it as one.

There comes a point in your life when you realize
who matters,
who never did,
who won’t anymore…
and who always will.
So, don’t worry about people from your past,
there’s a reason why they didn’t make it to your future….

Maybe they had to get off the train earlier …


2 thoughts on “Life is like a Train journey

  1. I remember telling my ex-counsellor Frania, once, that I hated my College Principal. “He is not good to me. He is good only to other Catholic students.” I complained. Frania asked me this, “Is that your criteria of liking somebody or hating somebody – whether they like you or hate you?” That was an eye-opener! So would you dislike somebody if they are bad to you?lovesuresh

  2. I don’t know about like or hate. Its not always about that. Its also about getting hurt. for eg. if I have been stung by a bee, I definitely would be wary of putting my hand in a bee-hive.Then the issue is not about liking or hating the bee, but about whether I want to risk being stung again.Radha

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