Eff it all…

I am packing my bags in
That’s it, will just go my way
Who cares what happens
10 or 10,000 miles away …

Why care? Why Care?
What happens to our kind
Butchering, butchered,
Or bombed out of its mind

Will live my life reading
The paper folded in half
The news out of sight while
Calvin will make me laugh

Will watch the Soap endlessly
Until my senses slowly congeal
Ekta Zindabad !
I no longer can think or feel !

I will solve the crossword
And Sudoku will entertain
While I drink my tea, eat pakodas
And watch the shimmering rain

Will read the glossies
And watch out for who went to which do
Worry ‘bout nothing more than
Who’s sleeping with Who

Will pamper myself
Will do my eyebrows
Manicure my feet,
And paint my toes

Eff it all, eff it all
Eff it ALL I say …
Why bother, what happens
10,000 miles away …



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