Climate Change in Mumbai

Mumbai feels like a time-bomb. Everyday as I waited on the bridge in Bandra East and watched the chaos below, I wondered at what Mumbai is in for. It is a wonder how the financial capital of the country where some of the biggest financial and industrial powerhouses of the country are lcoated can be paralysed, brought to a halt or simply be tied up in knots by rains which are being experience since its beginnings. With Climate Change catastrophes round the corner, I wonder whether it would have the coping capacity when the problems intensifies.

At the current intensity itself the situation looks so precarious. The rains and the constant flooding of the streets and every other place, the immense pressure of the vehicles, people, and living spaces … it looked very crazy to me.

So what will happen if the situation intensifies or when sea-levels rise which will create havoc on the coastline and the drainage systems?

What will happen when rain patterns change and there it pours all at one go frequently?

What will happen when there is a steady influx of displacees from other areas?

What would happen when the coastal communities along the mumbai coast itself have to shift inwards ?

It will be chaos.

People seem to just go about their way (there seems to be no alternative). The pace is so hectic, is there time for people to think and reflect? The pace looks as if people will only think when there is a crisis.

Who will think?
At what scale?

It is the small guys who will get wiped out.

Maybe as a society, as a planet we are preparing to wipe out 60-70% of our population – after all (as in ant-society ie. like ants) when the population pressure increases there has to be either a break-away or a wipe-out. Since we have nowhere to break-away, wipe out seems inevitable ….


One thought on “Climate Change in Mumbai

  1. How funny, yet how true! Darwin will support you too on that theory, I am sure.The only problem is that the 60-70% who will be wiped out may carry the seeds of alternative Movement to save our planet, so that the rest 40% are also saved.I hope that the 40% will survive somehow, and the 60% will vanish… who knows their brains will just go Boom!Explode!Afterall, Doomsday has been predicted by Religion when it ruled. Now Science does the same(not that there is any doubt). Only that Time, that crucial third factor will decide how to tackle the menace of the 5% human populace who just won’t stop at anything to have their way even in face of an environmental crisis. Who knows, some day all our radio radars, TV signals, etc will go VANISH!!!!… And all electrical appliances stop working! Or whatever! What if nature decides to reverse some rule of physics? And we are left in the lurch… Ha! The greed and arrogance of us humans will be set right then.

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