Language of the Soul

Most often we don’t hear the voice of our soul. It gets lost in the clatter, clutter, and chatter of daily living. We get lost in the scenery, instead of keeping our eyes on the road. We get lost in the bazaar, fascinated by its bustle. We get lost in the sport of life, going round in circles. We lose our sense of direction, lose our priorities. And then it needs to remind us, prod us, to get going….

We often don’t understand soul’s language.

We see its stripping us of the non-essentials, as pain. As taking away our comforts, when actually its lightening our burden, because the road ahead might be difficult and we need to travel light.

We see the obstacles it lays as obstructions to what we want, when its only asking us to change direction. When actually it is telling us this is not the way.

We fear to see the slow dimming of the sun and reject the night, when actually it is only so that we are able to look inwards, cutting down the distractions, listen to our heart-beats in the silence.

We despair at the winter when, like the trees, we are stripped of all our leaves. We think we have lost all we have. When actually the soul is preparing us to receive the new leaves. It is preparing us for renewal.

When all the light has gone, our soul is telling us its time to light our own light, to show us that we have all we need within us and that we have stop searching outside ourselves.

All we need is just to Trust. Listen. Understand. For there is nothing in this Universe, that loves us more than our own Soul.


One thought on “Language of the Soul

  1. Hi Radha,I have strayed away once again. Lost in the wilderness, chaos rules. Inspiration is bleak, almost non-existent.Suddenly I have not been able to be still.And I feel lost.Fear and Suspicion have taken roots, as insecurity and loss of faith have claws deep into my soul.I have lost my soul connection.Desperate and hungry for light. A fallen angel, waiting for the holy communion.. the bread of life.Lust, fear and insecurities take me hostage on a desert far away… so away from everyone, now no one can hear my voice..Dead inside, dry and withered..Suresh

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