Indigo Children

I saw them cross the twilight of an age,
The sun-eyed children of a marvelous dawn,
Great creators with wide brows of calm,
The massive barrier-breakers of the world
Laborers in the quarries of the gods
The architects of immortality.
Into the fallen human sphere they came,
Faces that wore theImmortal glory still
Bodies made beautiful by the spirit’s light
Carrying the Dionysian cup of joy
Lips chanting an unknown anthem of the soul,
Feet echoing in the corridors of Time.
High priests of wisdom, sweetness, might, and bliss;
Discoverers of beauty’s sunlit ways
Their tread one day shall change the suffering earth
And justify the light on Nature’s face.
(Savitri pp 343, 4)

In his epic poem Savitri Sri Aurobindo vividly describes a new race of humanity emerging on Earth, as different from humans today as we have ever been to the evolutions that have preceded us. I wonder whether he was alluding to the New Age belief  of “Indigo Children” being born in the last couple of decades… according to this belief these children are highly sensitive with a clear sense of self-definition and a strong feeling that they need to make a significant difference in the world. Frequent characteristics of being strong-willed, independent thinkers who prefer to do their own thing rather than comply with authority figures are therefore expressed. They are empathic and can easily detect or are in tune with the thoughts of others, and are naturally drawn to matters concerning mysteries, spirituality, the paranormal and the occult, while opposing unquestioned authority and contradictory to convention. This wisdom and level of awareness is explained to be beyond their youthful experience. They are also said to feel a strong sense of entitlement, compassion and have an innate ability to work together in teams.



One thought on “Indigo Children

  1. Wow, Maya, this is EXACTLY the way these children seem – the calm brows, and self-possession far beyond their years – the sunlight in their eyes…………thanks for sending me this link, amazing to read!

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