The Heart of Change

For what I want,
I realize now, has no name
Or form that I can convey to you with ease
In words or pictures that will make sense.
So maybe You need
To stop by for a while and
Listen to me
And let me also, listen to you.

We need
To slow down for a moment

So you can feel me
And let me get a feel of you
To get closer to me and let me share your space
Even as I prepare for you
To enter my own.

With love
Respecting the nature
Of our existence on earth.

So that for a brief while
I can get under your skin
And you too, know what it is like
To be me

And we both stay with each other
Long enough to know
That it is for ourselves we
Essentially live –
Which means we
Live for each other.

By Uma
This is an extract of Uma’s poem called “The Heart of Change”. For the whole poem go to:
You can also read Uma on


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