Lessons in love

I have been humbled no end.

I have been brought face to face with what I have done, for years, to my loved ones. Treated them carelessly, taken them for granted, assumed that their love is un-ending and will always be there. Expecting everything in return for very little that I give. When I give – at my convenience, when I needed to give.

In fact, that is what has happened. They have always been there. Inspite of my carelessness. Forgetfulness. Inspite of my arrogance.

I have forgotten birthdays. I have kept them waiting at corners for appointments while I ‘finished’ some urgent work, sometimes even forgotten to pick up the kid who was waiting. Almost always late expecting forgiveness. Brushing aside complaints with either a charming smile or a hug or a ‘so sorry’ …

I have also expected a great deal of gratitude from them. Because I loved them ! And (truly) I would do anything for them. I would move mountains, plumb the depths of the oceans, go through hell … sure.

And now I am humbled. It is not enough to do the ‘great’ things. It is mighty important to do the small things that show that I care, that I love. To call. To write. To hug. To gift something. To say that you are in my thoughts and I care.

Love is a lesson in itself.


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