The War of Worlds

I have a friend who is from a different world from mine. I am from the NGO world – activism, political, collectivistic, not-for-profit. My friend is from the Corporate world – hard, competitive, individualistic, all for profit. He shows me a side of the world which is otherwise not visible to me from where I am. And I guess I too do so, for him.
Something he said triggered off a lot of thoughts in me. He said my world scares him. This started a question in my mind – does his world scare me ? I guess I am not afraid of his world per se – but if I have to fit into his world, work there, live there, learn their lingo, dream their dreams, it might. I am quite certain I will not fit. And maybe I will be afraid too.

This brought me to the larger question of fear and of how we perceive what generates fear in us. It is the fear that is the problem – usually it is of not being able to ‘fit in’. It may not be the world that is the problem.

Most often, I realise, that we are not happy in the world we think we fit in either.
So we are not happy where we fit in. And we are afraid of where we don’t fit in. So where does this leave us ? It looks like we have set ourselves up !


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