Fire & Shadow

The Lord of the Rings was a very enlightening movie. And in that Gandalf was very symbolic. He was symbolic of each one of us – holding the magic, but not quite there, until he faced his terror and was consumed by his nightmare.

This scene depicts so well what we all go through, what we all have to go through, to come to that place where we all want to go. Here, Gandalf, stands small, but brave. Almost having no choice but to face his nemesis. And the Fire & Shadow creature stalks him, wanting to consume him. Gandalf does fight bravely and almost overcomes, yet at the last minute, the flick of the creature’s fire-whip, lashes into him, whirling him into the darkness.

Gandalf emerges in the next movie – somehow different – stronger, quieter, more collected, firmer. And he recounts his fall into his own concept of hell. But somewhere between the Balrog and Saruman, he becomes Gandalf, the White from Gandalf, the Grey.

You know he has arrived.

The picture reminds me of what I go through, and will continue to have to go through, before I, too, can become WHITE.


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