Bear in my next life


2 thoughts on “Bear in my next life

  1. Hi Radha,Recently passed through a phase that was really bad. However perhaps as I am able to watch myself more and more steadily, I think I am building a stronger Stillness within me, a place within my heart which would always be green no matter how icy outside. I don’t know if time will prove that wrong as well, however reading your blog makes me feel that you have been passing through something similar. I feel that firmness within you.Thanks for the description of Kolkatta, no it did not come about as critical at all, infact it was sweet. Envy you! You are visiting places! While I am waiting to catch a glimpse of somewhere just on the outskirts of Mumbai!Take care and much LoveSuresh

  2. Dear DD (Dancing Dervish),I have this very beautiful line-drawing of a dancing dervish … and have always felt seeing that picture that the person dancing sees something so deep within himself… he seems lost in his own magic, in his own dream-like world.And the dancing dervish is symbolic of the whirl of life … whirling, whirling, always whirling and in all that, the stillness at the center. And when the dervish whirls and whirls, he becomes the whirling and the center at once.How wonderful dancing dervishes are !I hope for you the same stillness. Every whirl takes you closer to the center … Maya 🙂

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