A Perpetual companion

I realised something rather suddenly. Here we are travelling through Life. And we have this one companion who is going to be with us throughout. Cannot be shaken off. Has to be lived with. In good times and bad times.
Yes, it is one’s own self. The one person who is with us throughout.
Yet, when we look into ourself – Okay let me speak about myself and not generalise – when I look into myself, the person I am most in friction with seems to be myself. I am angrier with myself more than anybody. I find I hurt myself more than anybody else does me. I periodically sulk from myself and threaten to abandon myself.
If I can’t be at peace with this one person, how will life be possible ?
The only way life is going to be good is when I make peace with myself and it will be better still if I can love myself.


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