An important reminder

It was a tough time – as usual, so what’s new ? Anyway, here I was pitying myself and looking bleakly at the walls, thinking of darkness and voids.
And what arrives ? But emails from people who care for me and who love me a lot – sending me those chain letters on friendship and love … it was almost as if they heard me and knew I needed my hand to be held. And it did feel held. I felt good and knew that no matter what, what finally mattered finally was the love of the people one loves.
Yes, for every person who breaks my heart, there seem to be 3 strong ones, who remind me that they are there.
p.s. chain letters normally irritate the hell out of me … and this too was a lesson – things which irritate the hell out of one can be lifelines 🙂


One thought on “An important reminder

  1. Hi Radha,I don’t know if your real name is Radha or if it is just a pseudonym you use here for writing. But the name “Radha” has always mellowed my heart.. She is the paramour of Krishna, the lady who was perfectly in love with Keshava, but who never could keep him with her for a lifetime; after Krishna left to carry out his Karma.Then, what He left Radha with, was longing. A longing, a thirst of a lifetime. We don’t know if Radha ever could find peace in her life, but I am sure that as she was so close to the Lord, she did find Herself… seeing Krishna dressed up as Radha… The Goddess that she herself was… the little Gods that we all are… (Uma says there are four kinds of love- possessive, aggressive, indifferent, and the Real True Love- That is real caring without the other three.)I wish, now that you experience the separation from the Creator so intensely, that Perfect Union with the Infinite will come to you soon.I have read each and every word in your blog so far, and it seems we are connected somehow, on some other plane. Perhaps because our Paths are identical.. Or perhaps our longings. Do count me as one of your friends along the way. LoveSuresh

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