Valentine’s Day Special

Well, its Valentine’s Day … A day to express your love and appreciation – though, personally I think that every day is a good day to appreciate and love . 🙂

This is my very, very special message to a very, very special entity. The Universe. Universe … ! I love you and I think you are wonderful !!

I wonder at your nature, at all the unexplainable mysteries, all the magic that can be felt only very deep in the soul. Your light, your darkness, your silence, your vastness. Your incredible generosity. Your wonderful, all-encompassing love and unconditional acceptance. Your colours, your sounds. Your oceans, stars, trees, winds, birds, fishes, flowers, every living organism and non-living too. Your spectacular deserts and mountains. Your nurturing rivers and lakes. Your rain, your sun. Unfortunately, I can only appreciate this world – for I only know this much. But I am sure every one of your worlds are just as marvellous and wonderful as this one.

Above all I appreciate the creativity, the passion, the freedom that we have in our souls. Our soul !! What a wonderful reflection of you !

So, universe, I hope you hear me and feel my love for you, as much as I feel your love for me.
Tight hugs.


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