A special message to a special person

Today is Valentine’s Day … and the whole world thinks of its loved ones and expresses the same.
This is a very, very special valentine’s message, to a very, very special person. Whom we never think of – to appreciate, to love and we take so much for granted !

This is a message to myself. To tell how much I love, appreciate and respect myself…. so … here goes.

Dear Radha,
I think in the whole, wide world, there is no other person who knows me as intimately as you do. Who sees me in my weakest moments, and in my strongest times. There is no other person, who follows me, stays with me as you do. In the worst of my times. In the best of my times.
You have laughed with me in my mad, joyful moments. Been excited with me in my adventures. Been my strength. In my bad times, you have cried with me. Held me tight. Watched over me, when I have slept. Seen my darkest side. And still, I know, have loved me. Love me, no matter what I am and what I do.
I too love you. Love your wonderful sense of whackiness. I enjoy your fun, frolic. Your love and passion for life. Your fascination with all things dark, light, wonderful. I enjoy the power in you. I love you for always being there. I love every aspect of you. Every side of you. And I not only love, but also deeply respect you – as a manifestation of the universe. A seed of the one-nothing.
So … knowing we have many more years to come together, I affirm my love for you.


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