Yet another Dark Night of the Soul.

It was an encounter between Darth Vader (one of the darker sides of myself). And Peter Pan (one of the lighter sides of myself).

Darth was as usual so, so, so Compelling. Fascinating. Powerful. Undeniable. At once cruel and cold. All metal. Hard. Smooth. No chinks anywhere. He coralls. He controls. He is the one who decides the rules of the game. Suffocating.

Pan was incredible. Full of FUN. All energy. Amazing Zing. Full of light. Golden. A little evil ! Gambolling. Whizzing around. Uncontrollable. Full of passion with a ‘P’. Driving Force. He played. LOVED. Joyed.

Was it possible to integrate the two ? I tried.

Complete annihilation. And that was the fear.

It breaks my heart, for as much as I love Pan, I love Darth Vader too.


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