I Connect

Its funny how I never realised that when people spoke, people heard … it sounds a bit crazy, but there ! Uma’s message was a powerful pointer – ‘Hey, I’m listening…’, she wrote and suddenly my words took on a new meaning. Until now I wrote for myself, to myself. It was always me talking to me.

What would it mean if it is me talking to someone else ? It seemed quite unsettling. My poems, writings, on the blogsite were little bits of my soul, lying tattered. And it felt as if I am sharing now a piece of my soul. Feel exposed. Unsettling.

But the power of Uma’s words was incredible. Someone had heard when I spoke. Until now life was Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘Sounds of Silence’ … ‘people hearing without listening’ … And now it was different. Someone had heard ! And not only that, had responded ! I had connected !

Suddenly, I took existence ! I became ! And I began to understand the power of the urge of the creator and the urge to put forth one’s creation – manifestation of one’s understanding the world, one’s life and soul. One’s passion. One’s pain. One’s power.

Connection. Communication. And, at times, Communion.

A veil has been lifted and a whole new world opened there in front of me.

Thanks a ton, Uma !


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