“Why have I started blogging ?”, I asked myself this morning. Is it because it can be my journal? Or because I want to say something to the wide world out there ? (Who is listening, for heaven’s sake !). Or is it way for me to express myself … to get it all out ? I wonder …

I looked at other blogs. Saw what people write. What a range ! From sheer crap to some really wonderful stuff.

What was interesting was how some of the wonderful stuff got to me. People whom I didn’t know, knew about their lives or souls, reached into me, drew from a response to their thoughts, emotions, ideas … and somehow connected. I liked that. Suddenly, the world seemed full of people wanting to connect – from their computers, from their blogsites, from their facebooks … the internet seems to be teeming with people wanting to connect. Wanting to be heard through the din around.

(Aside: I think back 10 years – and realize how much communication has changed ! Revolutionized ! We are in middle of history ! We are making history ! 50 years down the line, people will talk about the ‘communication revolution’ as we talked about the ‘industrial revolution’. And as that changed the world, this too will change the world !).

It is interesting to see what people think about Bush, Iraq, global warming, animal rights, rape, violence, eco-diversity, women, men, sex, love. Interesting to see all the causes that are being bandied for. All wanting to do something. Wanting to have a say. Having an opinion.

I suddenly feel very positive … positive that we are in for a massive make-over as a society. And we are in process of churning this pot, making history as I said.

And suddenly, blogging made sense. Yes, its important to say what you feel. Important to make a stand (if only to yourself). Important to take sides.


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