Can we attain freedom ?
Is a question often asked
Seldom answered
Every soul struggles
To realise its meaning
To relieve itself of the boredom
Escape the inevitability
Of birth and hunger
Pain and Passion
And Death.
Straining against social norms
Breaking away from rules
Reforming conventions
Changing traditions.
We label it grandly
As ‘our Quest for Freedom …’
Freedom for the human race
From self-pity and misery.

Can we truly attain Freedom ?
In its totality ? Its simplicity ?
When the Crazy Clouds and Wild Winds
Violent Seas and Raging Tides
Time & Mass, Force & Energy
Are all tied inescapably
To the gravitational and centrifugal
Forces of the Earth …
Which in turn is bound to the Sun
Which in turn is bound to the Universe…
A Universe which is condemned forever
To an ordered Orbit
An unbreakable cycle
Of Rotation & Revolution
Where Everything that Begins must End …?

Perhaps, Freedom is just a myth.


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