A tryst with Death

Oh, Death !
Tell us, are you a friend or a foe ?
Lucifer’s slave an associate of woe,
What is your form, what is your strength ?
Can you be measured time or length ?

Says Death:

In me do meet darkness and light
Am a sexless being without ears or sight
I see no right, I believe in no wrong
I’m all powerful, the mightiest around !

For Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun,
The ordinary man, beggar or peasant
All of them, All of them but all
Have to, one day, before me fall !

So consider me neither a foe nor a friend
For I’m the beginning of everyone’s End
Whatever is created, I turn to dust
Truly impartial, I’m totally just“.

But, Death you are so ugly in face
Feared by all, receiving no grace
You are nothing but a messenger of woe
Trailed by tears, wherever you go …

Scoffs Death:

Life is just a few days’ guest
Will deceive you when you put her to test
Made of fickle, faithless, passion
With a flighty heart full of false compassion.

In tears of blood she makes you pay
When you cease to be healthy, wealthy or gay
But I am the one who’ll set you free
From the endless grind of Life’s misery.

I am the one who will end your pain
Thru me alone, you’ll true freedom gain
I’m the only one of total certainty
The face of Truth, the Ultimate reality !”


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